22nd March 2022 - Aft Deck Covering

Category: Deck Work (Work in Progress)Maintenance/Repair Details: It appears that the aft deck has suffered some degrading during the winter months and although the deck was covered with a rubber coating to prevent cracking it has still occurred. So, after deep consideration and thought we have decided to strip all the rubber deck coating and plastic based paint and cover the aft deck with a faux EV teak decking in middle grey. 22nd March: First step to start removing old paint and deck coating. 24th March: Continue with stripping the old deck coating and start sanding the edges. (It's a slow business!) 26th March: Completed the stripping of old deck coating, washed deck, filled irregularities with gelcoat filler and sanded down. 12th April: Following a few weeks of appalling weather we have finally been able to lay the new faux decking. Applied with additional heavy duty spray glue, as well as the self-adhesive backing, so hopefully will stay stuck for sometime yet. Parts and/

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17th October 2020