Wednesday, 17 November 2021

15th November 2021

Category: Engines (updated as work progresses)

Maintenance/Repair Details: Commenced work on port engine with the replacement of oil filter. Having become aware of the wear on the stbd raw water pump the port side pump has been removed and passed to the marina engineer for reconditioning as was the stbd pump in the previous entry.

In order to remove the raw water pump the alternator needed to be moved to make room and in doing so was found to have very bad connections to the rear wiring, with some wires exposed. All connections duly cleaned, made good and re-insulated.

18th November - Due to the condition of the raw water pumps it was decided to replace them but finding new pumps was difficult. Thanks to ASAP supplies a complete reconditioning kit was put together in order to rebuild the better of the Jabsco pumps. We also managed to purchase a rare complete new pump from Mack Engineering in Glasgow.

3rd December - Received from the marina engineer two raw water pumps, one new and one fully reconditioned. Next maintenence log will be the reinstallation of said pumps.

Friday, 29 October 2021

29th October 2021

Category: Engines (updated as work progresses)

Maintenance/Repair Details: Commenced work on starboard engine overhaul. First job was to remove the engine panels and deck to expose the engine, once completed all the old sound proofing & fire protection panels were striped out and areas made ready for new panels. Oil filter housing was removed and old oil filter replaced with a new one (filter housing cleaned inside before hand). Noted stbd raw water impeller drive belt exceedingly loose, needs replacing as impeller housing at maximum adjustment.

5th November - Removed fridge and bulkhead panel to allow access to raw water pump & drive belt. Replaced very worn and loose drive belt and adjusted belt tension. Not the easiest job due to very limited access to the front of the engine.

8th November - Replaced stbd engine raw water impeller.

9th November - Installed new fire resistant soundproofing in stbd engine bay.

15th November - Stbd raw water pump found to be leaking so pump removed and awaiting refurbishment by marina engineer.
Parts and/or Items Used: Oil Filters, Drive Belt, Impeller, Replacement parts, Sound Proofing.

Exposed stbd engine (Willis).

Stbd raw water pump & drive belt.

Fire resistant sound proofing installed.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

13th October 2021

Category: Engines, Deck Work

Maintenance/Repair Details: Having not lifted the boat for a full winter ashore for 5 years, only late summer lift and return, we will be lifted ashore very soon and remain so until March 2022. In preparation for the lift we have now commenced preparatory work by undertaking those jobs which we can do now.

First task was to fix the soft area on the fore deck by drilling into the deck area from within the saloon and injecting expanding foam between the deck layers which solved the problem. Refilled and repainted the saloon roof as good as new.

Carried out oil change on both engines (oil filters arrived today but will not be replaced until both engines are fully exposed due to location of filters).

Winter canopy fitted.

Fresh water tank emptied, toilet winterised and engine anti-freeze checked and topped up. 

27th October 2021 - Kevayling lifted out & blocked for the winter. 

Parts and/or Items Used: Foam Filler, Oil

The Freeman sisters.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

7th August 2021

Category: Electrics, Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details: Replacement of fridge - following some concerns with the old Domestic RM4200 3 way fridge it was decided to finally replace the whole unit rather than pay from a reconditioning service, removal proved the right decision had been made! A few preparation had to be sorted first, selection of replacement, type of fridge, size & cost. We selected an Isotherm Elegance 65L 12/240v model so first job was to remove and blank off the old gas pipe. 240v power point was already in situ so the next job was to run 12v power from battery bay to fridge location.

Come change over day and removal of the old fridge we found the old unit was well past sell by date with extensive corrosion around the gas burner flame unit. It was obvious the right decision had been made.

The new fridge slid into place beautifully with a little bit of cosmetic work around the front edges, powered up on 240v and ran a treat. 12v wiring installed and tested, switched between power sources easily. Job complete.

Parts and/or Items Used: Replacement Fridge, Wood Preserver, Other

Sunday, 27 June 2021

26th June 2021

Caterogy: Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details: Lifejacket Locker - removed, rebuilt and replaced the old heavy locker with a new lighter more spacious version.

Parts and/or Items Used: Wood, Wood Preserver, Other


Friday, 21 May 2021

20th May 2021

Category: Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details:
Something completely different as far as maintenance today. We had an idea to make sitting or viewing while underway a bit easier for our passengers by installing a new deck piece on the same level as the engine cover height. To do this required fitting two new supports either side of the aft cabin door, against the engine cover side panel, strong enough to take the weight of a person sitting or standing on the new deck cover in it raised position. The new supports were made, stained, drilled and installed.

Parts and/or Items Used: Wood, Other

Original deck level 

New side supports made and fitted.

New deck insert manufactured, covered and installed. 

Monday, 17 May 2021

17th May 2021

Category: Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details:
For a long time I have looked at the throttle control area and planned to improve the area. We stated in the previous entry how we sorted out the morse control and now have continued the work by massively improving the area.

The old plastic leather effect covering which was glued completely around the morse control was cut across the joint of the unit, it came away from the origin wood backing easily. The re-exposed wood was stripped of old glue, sanded back and several coats of wood stain applied. A new wood strip was cut, also stained and fixed to cover the area where the covering was cut.

General tiding of the area carried out, step back and admire the job.

Parts and/or Items Used: Wood, Wood Preserver