Monday, 17 September 2018

17th September 2018

Category: Hull

Maintenance/Repair Details:
Work planned over a three week period so we didn't have to work on her every day, as such work days are numbered over the three week period.

  • Day 1 - Lifted in Allington Marina for the boats 50th year annual service. This year concentrating on the underwater drive and steering systems, plus a refresh of the hull. Following the power wash of old anti-foul the hull was washed down and inspected. The twin rudders were removed in order to provide sufficient clearance to remove both propellers, a job that took most of the afternoon as they didn't release from the shafts easily, a lot of pulling, banging and heat.

Lift out
Propellers & rudders before removal.
Propeller & rudder removed.

  • Day 2 - Took propellers to Invicta Propellers for rebalancing and service. Then to Canterbury for hull paint.
  • Day 3 - Repaired gel coat damage found on the hull by sanding, filling, smoothing and then applying a base coat of anti-foul to the waterline. Also repaired a small area of keel damage. Cleaned and greased both shafts in readiness for return of serviced propellers.

  • Day 4 - Applied base gloss coat to areas on the water line which came off when power washed. Will rub down and mask off over the next few days in order to restore that area of paint work. Applied fibreglass matting and resin to repair on the forward keel in order to give added strength to repair.
  • Day 5 - Repainted waterline gloss paint. Carried out several small paint touch-up jobs. Annette removed boat cover, scrubbed clean and applied new cover dye to restore to former colour. Did the same with the aft deck Dodger.
  • Day 6 - Hull given first coat of wax polish. Shaft and trim tab anodes fitted. Propeller rope cutters cleaned and serviced. Both rudders having been removed were checked, cleaned and greased, then refitted following repair of starboard retaining collar, which had a sheared bolt. Rudders realigned and tested. Aft deck dodger reinstalled following cleaning, dying and waterproofing. All chrome work cleaned using fine wire wool and oil.

Refurbished cover and dodger refitted.

  • Day 7 - Rubbed down starboard side and stern rubbing band, re-stained and applied coat of yacht varnish.

  • Day 8 - Rubbed down port side rubbing band, re-stained and applied coat of yacht varnish. Repaired loose saloon step mounts by inserting metal brackets in step recce. Applied second coat of Star Brite Premium PTEF marine polish to hull.
  • Day 9 - General wash and polish of the boat (short day).

  • Day 10 - First coat of anti-foul paint applied to all areas below the waterline.

  • Day 11 - Collected serviced propellers from Invicta Marine and set onto shafts (awaiting final tightening). Reapplied deck paint to aft deck and gas hatch.

Re-painted aft deck.

  • Day 12 - Second coat of anti-foul applied. Shaft anodes fitted to both shafts and propellers tighten and secured. Rope cutters re-fitted. Fenders re-hung in readiness for lift-in.

 Shiny props, painted bottom, new anodes and clean rope cutters.

Ready for lift-in.

  • Monday 8th October 2018 - Kevayling lifted back into the water, test run to Maidstone and back before returning to Chatham Marina.

Lift In!