Monday, 13 May 2019

12th May 2019

Category: Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details: Continuation of wood restoration in the forward cabin, spent two days stripping off old varnish on the gallery side then re-stained and applied new coat of varnish. Just a small area to do around the forward V berth area.

Parts and/or Items Used: 
Other, Yacht Varnish

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

4th May 2019

Category: Engines, Electrics

Maintenance/Repair Details: Starboard engine failed to turn over today prior to leaving for a weekend away. Investigated and found that the starter solenoid had failed (later informed that probably due to worn starter motor brushes). Located a replacement and fitted, test started O.K. Need to source starter motor refurbishment dealer in the near future.

Parts and/or Items Used:
Starter Solenoid