Thursday, 4 March 2021

28th February 2021

Category: Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details:
Mast & weather strip restoration. Continuing the work on the wheelhouse both the mast and roof weather strip were seen to be in need of restoration or repair. The mast was removed and found to have suffered wood rot down the spine which was treated and filled to restore strength and appearance. Re-stained and re-varnished before reinstalling. The roof weather strip was found to be beyond repair with a new one fashioned, stained, varnished and refitted.

3rd March 20121 - Due to the stern light mounting being originally mounted on the weather strip I took the opportunity of making a new mount so that the stern light is mounted independently on the wheelhouse roof. Light cleaned and serviced while off the boat.

Parts and/or Items Used: Wood, Wood Preserver

New weather strip installed

Restored Mast