Saturday, 16 February 2019

15th February 2019

Category: Fuel, Engines, Cooling System

Maintenance/Repair Details: Continued with annual service on starboard engine. 

  • Changed engine oil 
  • Replaced fuel filters 
  • Installed new raw water impeller
  • Run up and tested both engines.
Noted small fuel leak on port engine filter, removed filter and disassembled replacing all seals again. Reassembled and primed with no leak. Due to the strip down the fuel system had to be completely reprimed leading to cracking all six injectors.
Parts and/or Items Used:
Fuel Filters, Oil, Replacement Parts

Thursday, 14 February 2019

13th February 2019

Category: Fuel, Engines

Maintenance/Repair Details: Annual service on port engine, 

  • Changed engine oil & checked gearbox oil level. 
  • Fitted new fuel filters  
  • Renewed impeller on raw water pump. 
  • Run up and tested engine.
  • When reassembling the engine panels and framework took the opportunity of fitting steel brackets to the joints for future added strength, being that the woodwork is now 50 years old.

Starboard engine service to follow.

Parts and/or Items Used:
Fuel Filters, Grease, Oil, Replacement Parts

11th February 2019

Category: Fixtures & Fittings

Maintenance/Repair Details: Installed 2 new sleeping berth mattresses.

Parts and/or Items Used: Furniture