Thursday, 9 December 2021

8th December 2021

Category: Engines (updated as work progresses):

Commenced re-installation of both raw water pumps by installing the new pump on the port engine. What was thought to be a straightforward job turned into a 6 hour nightmare. Having struggled to install the new pump and reconnect the water pipes I realised that our engineer had fitted the pulley wheel the wrong way around. That meant dismantling all the work done to date, removing the pump, pulling the wheel off the shaft reversing it and refitting. Then the whole act of reinstalling was repeated. Having installed the pump the last thing to do was refit the alternator, easier said than done. With little room to get my hand underneath the the alternator fitting the retaining bolts was a drawn out process resulting in frequent stretching under the engine to retrieve dropped bolts, nuts or washers. 

Will return and test both raw water pump and alternator in a few days time, need a couple of days off! 

11th December - Raw water pump tested O.K so antifreeze pumped through the port engine cooling system, alternator function O.K. Stern gland greaser refilled. Work on the port engine now complete.

p.s have already insured the stbd pump pulley wheel is the right way around.

Parts and/or Items Used: Raw water pump.

New pump installed on port side engine.

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