Friday, 29 October 2021

29th October 2021

Category: Engines (updated as work progresses)

Maintenance/Repair Details: Commenced work on starboard engine overhaul. First job was to remove the engine panels and deck to expose the engine, once completed all the old sound proofing & fire protection panels were striped out and areas made ready for new panels. Oil filter housing was removed and old oil filter replaced with a new one (filter housing cleaned inside before hand). Noted stbd raw water impeller drive belt exceedingly loose, needs replacing as impeller housing at maximum adjustment.

5th November - Removed fridge and bulkhead panel to allow access to raw water pump & drive belt. Replaced very worn and loose drive belt and adjusted belt tension. Not the easiest job due to very limited access to the front of the engine.

8th November - Replaced stbd engine raw water impeller.

9th November - Installed new fire resistant soundproofing in stbd engine bay.

15th November - Stbd raw water pump found to be leaking so pump removed and awaiting refurbishment by marina engineer.
Parts and/or Items Used: Oil Filters, Drive Belt, Impeller, Replacement parts, Sound Proofing.

Exposed stbd engine (Willis).

Stbd raw water pump & drive belt.

Fire resistant sound proofing installed.

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